Our 3 Baskets of Giving: Applying to the Albert Haller Foundation

The Foundation supports three categories of giving:

  • Scholarships
  • Charitable organizations
  • Capital projects

The Foundation board meets at least four times a year to review and grant requests. They have the sole authority to make all awards.

Eligibility for Scholarships:
Scholarships are available to any graduating senior in Clallam County and who are in good academic standing, may apply for post-secondary assistance through their respective superintendent’s office, which will supply application forms and deadlines.

Applications will be reviewed by school administrations, and recommendations for awards will be made to the Foundation Board. These scholarships will be in the amount of $8,000.00 each, to be applied toward tuition, books, and room and board. Scholarships may be renewed for a second year.

Eligibility for Charitable Organizations:
Charitable organizations that qualify under the terms of the Foundation By-Laws may apply. Priority will be given to “organizations that provide food, housing, clothing, medical care and other programs that may enhance and enrich the lives of the poor and needy of Clallam County.”

Requests from charitable organizations should be made through United Way of Clallam County (360-457-3011), which accepts those requests in the month of June.

“Since 1994 United Way has partnered with the Albert Haller Foundation to review grant applications and make recommendations for funding projects that provide food, housing, clothing and medical care; enriching the lives of Clallam County residents. United Way is grateful for this partnership as it helps us to reach our goal of being a constructive voice for human service needs in Clallam County. Together United Way and the Haller Foundation help to invest thousands of dollars in our community, efficiently and effectively aiding the need of those who need us most.”
— Christy J. Smith, CEO, United Way of Clallam County

Eligibility for Capital Projects:
Requests for donations for capital projects may be submitted in writing using the application form available from United Way.

Grants may be made for major capital improvement projects which will benefit the community long term.