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Albert's Legacy of Giving

Albert Haller was an exemplar of the spirit of giving that defines Clallam County. The foundation that bears his name is guided by the philanthropy that Albert wanted to live on after he was gone.

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Albert's Vision

The Albert Haller Foundation offers a unique way for those who share Albert’s vision to give back to the Clallam County community.

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Join Our Family of Giving

In donating to the Albert Haller Foundation, people can honor the man as well as his philosophy.

“The tree is gone, but the seeds remain and grow.”

“…It is my wish to encourage individuals who benefit from the funds to help someone else should they have the opportunity to do so.”

“We are proud of the contributions that the Albert Haller Foundation has made to Clallam County for 30 years. We are grateful to all the partners that have helped make Albert’s vision a living legacy.”

— Gary Smith, Board President,
Albert Haller Foundation

Our Three Baskets of Giving